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lean manufacturing tools and techniques

32 Essential Lean Manufacturing Tools

Identifying The Essential Lean Manufacturing Tools! I found this article on¬†Newcastle Systems website. In the infographic, ¬†they are identifying 32 essential lean manufacturing tools. Our Lean Expert online training course includes instruction on these same 32 tools, and more. There are approximately 140 continuous improvement tools available today, and in use within the lean improvement …

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Lean Manufacturing 10 training and implementation model

10 Step Training & Implementation Model

Lean Manufacturing Transformation Starts With Education! A forward thinking company starts their Radical Lean Transformation by educating their employees to understand lean principles. Employees need to develop the know-how to apply lean principles to improve their own workplace. An important aspect of any Lean Transformation is process improvement, and this involves bringing about change. Employees, …

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Lean Manufacturing in Cabinetry

In this shirt video, Wildwood Cabinetry explains how their changes to sanding table accomplished small “Lean” improvements. The continual improvements took place over a period of 12 months. The improved sanding station stops the indirect lighting from casting shadows which hides tiny imperfections in the wood grain from from the cabinetmaker’s view.

An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Here is a great lean manufacturing infographic from Bishop-Wisecarver Group. It explains the core principles involved in lean manufacturing, and it does this in a simple and visual way. It is easy to follow and educational because it allows you to learn through graphics. Results of a 2011 Lean Manufacturing Survey: The information on the …

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