Here is a list of frequently asked questions about our training courses:

Question: Do I receive a certificate for completing the lean training course? Answer: Yes, you will be able to download your certificate of achievement if you attain a pass score of 80% or higher.

Question: Can the online training modules be downloaded to my computer? Answer: No, the training videos are only accessible online through a web browser. The course workbooks and supporting documents are your reference materials and can be downloaded to your computer. These are yours personal items to keep and use.

Question: How much time do I have to access the training after I pay for it? Answer: A learner has access to our online training materials for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Question: Am I required to purchase books for the lean training? Answer: No, everything a learner needs is in the course workbooks and supporting documents, which is included in the purchase price of the training course. However, in several modules we do insert a listing of books that are relevant to the training materials. A learner may choose to purchase them, but there are no requirements to do so.

Question: Which file formats are used for your course workbook and support documents? Answer: The course workbooks are in the pdf format. It will require the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files which can be downloaded at Some of training support documents are in their original Microsoft Excel or Word formats.

Question: How is training linked to the best practices for lean principles? Answer: The training materials are based on a proprietary training system developed by Chris Turner called “10 Step Training and Implementation Model.” This model was developed using the best practices for the application and integration of lean principles into any business. Please reference this link on this website for more details:

Question: Are the exam questions all multiple choice? Answer: Most of the questions in the exams are multiple choice. However, there are some true/false, fill in the blank or matching types of questions.

Question: Do I need to complete a project to receive a certificate? Answer: No, you do not need to complete a project. As a learner goes through the online training modules there are lean exercises. These allow the learner to practice and apply their new skills.

Question: What is the procedure for retaking the exam? Answer: If a learner does not achieve a minimum of 80% in the first attempt at the exam, they can retake it for an additional fee of $180 USD for  Level 3 – Lean Expert,  $90 USD for the Level 2 – Lean Practitioner, and $40 for the Level 1 – Lean Awareness. When a learner pays the fee, they will receive a new password to allow them to retake the exam.

Question: What is the primary focus of the lean training materials? Answer: The lean online training is focused on the application of lean principles into a Manufacturing environment. However, the lean principles in the training materials can easily be applied into other business sectors.