An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Here is a great lean manufacturing infographic from Bishop-Wisecarver Group. It explains the core principles involved in lean manufacturing, and it does this in a simple and visual way. It is easy to follow and educational because it allows you to learn through graphics.

Results of a 2011 Lean Manufacturing Survey:

The information on the infographic was generated from a 2011 survey conducted by Alix Partners. They found that nearly 70% of manufacturing executives, said their improvement efforts gave less than a 5 percent cost reduction. In fact, this was no better than their peers, who chose not to implement lean manufacturing principles.

I believe that the real reason for such poor results, is simply because companies are implementing lean principles incorrectly. To deliver the best results, employees must be trained, to become problem solvers. They must also be able to see wasteful activities, and then they can understand how to reduce or eliminate it.

Online Lean Manufacturing Training

If you’re interested in training your employees to understand lean manufacturing and become cost-effective problem solvers…..click here

What is the Goal of Lean Manufacturing?

The goal of lean manufacturing is to create change through continuous process improvement. The way an organization can do this is to transform information into exact human behavior. The more successful they are at achieving this goal, the more successful they will be at delivering a quality product to their customers on-time, every time!

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