John Shook

Learning from John Shook

I wanted to share this video.  John Shook is a Senior Advisor with the Lean Enterprise Institute and he is the keynote speaker at the conference hosted by Industry Week at one of their Best Plants Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on April 28 2009.  During this keynote, John Shook demonstrates how to spread a Lean culture throughout an organization, and explains why a leader is directly responsible for the success or failure of a Lean implementation.

The information in this video is timeless and still relevant today’s business world. It is a great guide to the management team of any organization that is contemplating implementing lean principles.

Here is what you will see and hear during the keynote:

Why mastery of the tools of Lean production is necessary (but not sufficient) for leaders
How the “right” leadership style supports Lean transformation
Best practices and advice from the NUMMI collaboration
What TPS really should stand for (and why)
About “Go See”, “Ask Why”, and “Show Respect”
Shook’s take on the current state of the economy, and how it affects Lean

Enjoy the video!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”wUpbbK104Zg” width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″]

I found this video both informative and entertaining. John Shook has been one of the innovative thinkers in the development of lean principles.

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