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Radical Transformation LLC is the owner of the Lean Mfg. Online website. Our primary business is delivering Lean Consulting, Training and Certification. We are a solutions provider to the business world with a reputation for delivering professional services to our clients and business partners.

Every organization is facing new challenges in today’s global markets to meet the increasing demands placed on them by their customers and their competitors. Our lean consultants use their knowledge, skills, and experience to help our clients to improve their business processes and grow their market share.

10 Step Training and Implementation Model

10 Step Lean Training and Implementation Model

At Radical Transformation, we practice what we teach! We use the 10 Step training and implementation model created by Chris Turner to guide our clients through a tried and tested process to achieve their lean improvement goals. You can find out more about the 10 Step training and implementation model by reading Chris Turner’s book called: “Implement a Lean Management System: Create Change Through Improvement.” You can purchase it direct from Amazon by clicking on the cover picture.

We prepare your management team and employees by providing the following options:

Lean Manufacturing Training & Certification

  1. Request that one of our experienced lean consultants visits your facility to deliver hands-on lean training .
  2. Sign up to access our online self-paced lean training courses.
  3. We can facilitate Kaizen events and lean training classes virtually using video conferencing.

Our goal is to support our clients through a proven process towards self discovery. They learn about themselves by identifying their own strengths and weaknesses. Change can only begin to occur when an organization develops a clear understanding of how it operates on a day to day basis. When it achieves this level of insight it will be able to determine the 5W+1H or the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How to improve its business practices. Without insight, there is no way forward. Why?

I will use a quote from one of the greatest minds in modern history:

“We cannot solve our problem with the same level of thinking that created them.”Albert Einstein

At Radical Transformation, we help our clients to breakthrough the status quo and identify critical business processes that need improvement to allow them to realize their full potential. At this point, a client will acheive the necessary insight to enable them to successfully execute their business goals and objectives.

Change does not happen by chance, it must be managed. Any organization that is consciously failing to create an effective plan, is  subconsciously planning to fail.

To find out more about our Lean consulting and training services, please contact Chris Turner – Toll Free (855) 497-7474 or (503) 207-6931 or click here to send an email.