Lean Process for Repairing Gas Turbines

Lean Manufacturing Process for Repairing Gas Turbines:

Here is a short video from Ethos Energy demonstrating how lean manufacturing principles were implemented to improve the repair of gas turbines. Lean Manufacturing does not have to be complicated. In fact, lean manufacturing does not need too much complexity because it encourages you to keep things simple and easy to follow. The main purpose of lean manufacturing is to create a working environment that anyone can enter and be trained to follow the standard work.

Lean Manufacturing can be applied to any process, in any type of organization! There are many great examples of schools, hotel chains, government agencies, healthcare and business organizations that are seeing the value of implementing lean principles to improve their processes. It is easy to train employees which allows them to understand the application of lean principles. Next, they learn how to recognize waste and which lean tools to use to eliminate it from their work area.

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