Lean Trash Can

Lean Trash Can

I was looking through my email the other day and I saw message from Paul Akers at FastCap. He wanted to share some information about a Lean Trash and how it was a perfect example of the way improvements develop over time. They never happen all in one session! Continuous Improvement is an iterative process, several little improvements over time, adds up to a big improvement.

The number one reason for variation in any process is the lack of standard work. When the method is not defined and left to tribal knowledge, it is difficult to maintain a consistent and repeatable process. If everyone working on a product does a specific task with a slight difference, a customer will receive slightly different products. If the variation is within specification limits defined by the customer, the product is acceptable. If the product variation is outside of the specification limits defined by the customer, the product is unacceptable.

Here is the video about Lean Trash. Notice how little improvements are added to the process as each person looks at the latest development of the Lean Trash Can!

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