Mapping the Organizations Vision

Mapping the Organizations Vision!

I get super excited when I find a great video that tells a successful story. I have been following Paul Akers focus on lean principles for several years. PaulĀ is the founder and president at FastCap, an international product development and manufacturing company located in Bellingham, Washington. Paul is also known as the “American Innovator” became of his travels that have taken him all over the world to visit lean companies. He has done a great job of promoting lean manufacturing principles because he walked the talk and implemented a successful system throughout his own company.

One of his travels took him to Walters & Wolf in Fremont, California. HeĀ talked with Nick Kocelj, their CEO, about their lean journey over this past year. Below is the video that Paul took, which I think clearly demonstrates when a management team in an organization are serious about the path forward in their lean journey. Enjoy!

Strategy Can Be Fun!

When most organizations start out on their lean journey, many of them are making it up as they go along. They are not following a prescribed system, or defined plan. The realization soon comes when the management team and employees start to see successes and it is happening because everyone is on the same page. Being on the same page is the same as everyone rowing together to move the boat in the right direction. Walters and Wolf’s successes happened because they create a plan to manage their successes.
Success comes from knowing what to do, and when to do it!

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