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On this page, is information about our first level training course from our 10 Steps to become a Lean Enterprise program.

This training course is called “Lean Awareness in Manufacturing.” It’s the foundation course of the 10 Steps to become a Lean Enterprise training and implementation series developed by Chris Turner.

Lean Awareness helps you discover the pieces.!
Lean Awareness helps you identify the pieces.!

The Level 1 – Lean Awareness training course was originally designed as eight hours of training, and is typically presented in one full business day by an on-site consultant at many of our client’s premises. Just like in the picture of a jigsaw puzzle house, this course has been designed to help you to easily identify the individual elements of the lean manufacturing system and put them together.

When you sign up for our online version of the “Lean Awareness in Manufacturing” training course, you will receive the same quality step by step instruction from Chris Turner, our Lean Manufacturing Coach.

Our online training modules teach and demonstrate the same principles that were designed and developed in the Toyota Production System. These principles have allowed the Toyota Motor Company to become globally accepted as a World Class – Lean Manufacturing business.

Lean Awareness Video

Thank you for your interest in our Level 1 – Lean Awareness in Manufacturing online training course. Click on the image below to watch a short video to learn more about our Level 1 – Lean Awareness course.


At the beginning of each training module, you will see an outline of the course objectives. To achieve the training goal for this course, you will need to actively participate in the training and fully understand each of the learning objectives. You can see a detailed list of the course objectives for Lean Awareness in Manufacturing below.

Level 1 – Lean Awareness in Manufacturing Course Objectives:

Lesson 101 – Introduction to Lean Awareness:

    1. Welcome and introduction to the Lean Awareness course

Lesson 102 –  Can a Manufacturing Organization Implement Lean Principles?

    1. In this lesson we ask the question: Can a manufacturing organization implement lean principles?  We answer this question by showing examples of  manufacturing companies that have implemented lean principles.

Lesson 103 – Organizational Behavior:

    1. Ladder of Inference – looking at the way we gather information to make decisions.
    2.  Jo-Hari Window – we take a look at the methods we use to gather and share information about ourselves sand others around us.
    3. Creating Change in Any Business – This is a two part training session where we look into the effects of change on people and organizations.

Lesson 104 – Lean Awareness Training Modules:

    1. Understand and define Lean principles.
    2. Understand the LEAN model
    3. Define Customer Expectations.
    4. Define Value vs. Non-value.
    5. Describe the Ratio of Value vs. Non-value.
    6. Describe the Eight Wastes.
    7. Implementing 5S
    8. Describe a Traditional vs. a Lean improvement.
    9. Describe the 10 Steps to become a Lean Enterprise.
    10. Describe the ISEE Cycle.
    11. Describe the benefits of becoming a Lean Enterprise.

Lesson 105 – Additional Learning Resources:

We share some additional information about Lean Accounting, Just in Time, and Lean Manufacturing Principles

Lesson 106 – Lean Awareness Certification Exam 

This training module covers the basic concepts of Lean principles and we present 11 questions with 30 minutes to answer them. The Lean Awareness in Manufacturing certification exam requires a minimum pass score of 80%.