Radical Lean Transformation

Radical Lean Transformation

One of the common questions that crops up during my conversations with my clients is – Why do companies have problems sustaining improvements through the application of lean manufacturing principles?

The generic answer to this question is – Well, those companies are implementing lean manufacturing principles incorrectly! I personally find this answer to be a little on the vague side. The management team in every organization is trying to do the best they can with the resources and knowledge that are available to them.  However, the one thing that every person in every organization is fighting against is the organization’s internal culture.

An organizational infrastructure is created and deeply influenced by the original founders who had responsibility for establishing the business. These original founders would insert their personal values and philosophy into the company.  Those who follow on after them, inherit the status quo and participate in the same processes defined by the original founders. New people coming into the organization will often challenge the system but eventually they fall in line out of fear or frustration. History has show us that organizations are complex systems, which means they are not easy to change. In other words, old habits die hard!

Radical Lean Improvements

When we break lean manufacturing improvements down to their most basic activity, what is it? The application of Lean Manufacturing principles into any business boils down to one thing, which is a shift in the mindset and get people to make the move from optional to required behaviors. This practice is called “Develop Standard Work” for critical processes. If an organization truly wants to be successful with their lean implementation and transformation, they must have the resources available to make this important shift and start to define their best practices. The company will benefit from this in many ways. One of the most important benefits is the establishment of a baseline process and metric for every critical process. Without a defined process and baseline performance metric, the management team has no idea if a process improvement is trending in a positive or negative manner.

Radical Lean Videos

I created a series of three short videos in which I ask and expand on some critical questions:

  1. How did companies perform before and after the 2007/2008 recession? Why is this important?
  2. How does a typical company implement lean manufacturing principles? Why do they often fail?
  3. What is a tried and tested methodology for successfully implementing lean manufacturing principles?

Enjoy the videos!


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