Mapping the Organizations Vision

Mapping the Organizations Vision! I get super excited when I find a great video that tells a successful story. I have been following Paul Akers focus on lean principles for several years. Paul is the founder and president at FastCap, an international product development and manufacturing company located in Bellingham, Washington. Paul is also known as … Read more

Fire-fighting Your Way to Success!

Are you trying to fire-fight your way to success? Every modern business, no matter who they are has limited resources in terms of time, people, equipment, etc. In reality, this translates into every business experiencing more problems than they have people with the time or knowledge to deal with them. This situation forces an organization … Read more

Strategy Deployment

What is Strategy Deployment? Strategy Deployment was translated from the Japanese term “Hoshin Kanri.” It is loosely translated  into “Ho” which means “direction” and “Shin” which means “compass needle.” The second word is separated into two terms of “Kan” which means “control” and “Ri” which means “reason or logic.” The process was developed by compiling the … Read more

Lean Manufacturing and Gold Mining

Lean Manufacturing Tools to Mine Gold! It is easy to downplay the impact and influence that lean manufacturing tools have played in organizational decision making. The application of lean manufacturing principles based on the Toyota Production System can be applied to any organization, no matter what they do or how they operate. Now, let me … Read more

An Introduction to Lean Manufacturing

Here is a great lean manufacturing infographic from Bishop-Wisecarver Group. It explains the core principles involved in lean manufacturing, and it does this in a simple and visual way. It is easy to follow and educational because it allows you to learn through graphics. Results of a 2011 Lean Manufacturing Survey: The information on the … Read more

John Shook

Learning from John Shook I wanted to share this video.  John Shook is a Senior Advisor with the Lean Enterprise Institute and he is the keynote speaker at the conference hosted by Industry Week at one of their Best Plants Conference in Nashville, Tennessee on April 28 2009.  During this keynote, John Shook demonstrates how to spread a Lean … Read more