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Lean Manufacturing Training and Certification

What’s the Real Problem?

Any business experiencing frustration with day-to-day activities that constantly draws it away from taking the time to identify and eliminate the root cause of the problem is trapped into a vicious cycle of re-activity called “firefighting.” In most businesses today, it has become an accepted practice.

The fact is, business culture is the culprit on two levels. First, it creates the environment and even trains its employees to become the arsonists to set the fires. Next, it encourages individuals throughout the organization to step up to the plate and become fire-fighting heroes. Every day, these individuals will focus their time and energy on trying to put out the fires.

So, what does a management team need to do to stop the cycle of re-activity? Do they stop people from putting out the fires, and sit back only to watch everything crash and burn? Do they try to change the environment that is forcing the fire-fighting behavior? The truth is that most management teams don’t know how to stop this pervasive and addictive behavior! They are often directly responsible for creating and supporting the problem in the first place. They must start by changing their way of thinking in how they deal with the problem before they can find a solution.

The best way forward for anyone trying to understand how to get out of the destructive fire-fighting cycle is to actively participate in lean manufacturing training.

Why Participate in Lean Manufacturing Training?

lean manufacturing training

Facilitator delivering lean manufacturing training

Lean Manufacturing training is one of the best ways to introduce, develop and establish problem solving into any manufacturing organization. It’s easy to teach basic problem-solving skills to employees. It has a proven track record as one of the most cost effective methods for improving business processes!

Forward thinking business owners and managers understand that the best and most effective problem solvers in any organization are its employees. Why is this? Well, it’s because an employee is working, and experiencing the same frustrating issues, day in, day out. Employees are directly connected to customers! However, in most organizations they have little to no input into how to improve the way they fulfill the needs of the customer. Your employees have critical process information, and it’s important to capture this knowledge to help identify and resolve many of your re-occurring problems! How do you achieve this?

What your employees need is the right forum to be able to share their insights. To do this successfully, they need some basic lean manufacturing training and an environment that allows them to improve their own workplace. An empowered workforce will improve productivity and increase value for the organization, and its customers.

With limited places available, click here to start your online lean manufacturing training today!

Success comes from knowing what to do and when to do it!

lean manufacturing training online

Lean Expert gives you the skills to help others!

Get access to our cutting edge lean manufacturing training and implementation system that is based on over 30+ years of hands-on lean manufacturing experience .

After completing our training system, a small team of employees identified the root cause of a backlog issue in their production system. They achieved this during their first improvement event. They implemented a solution and saved their company a total of $3.2 million!

Start your lean journey today!


Progressive Learning Model

progressive training levels

Step by Step Training

Lean Mfg. Online incorporates a “Progressive Learning Model” into their lean manufacturing training system to demonstrate how to successfully implement lean principles into any workplace. This method of teaching has been successfully utilized to transfer lean knowledge to our clients, and to give them the tools to develop and grow their ability to improve their own business processes.

The Lean Mfg. Online progressive learning model includes a combination of self-paced online instructional videos and written training materials, plus direct access to an experienced lean manufacturing training facilitator. We designed and developed a three tiered training structure to deliver a more cost-effective learning experience based on the needs of the person, group, or organization. The three levels of lean manufacturing training are:

Level 1 – Lean Awareness is designed as an introduction to lean concepts, terminology, and the 10 Step training & implementation model…read more

Level 2 – Lean Practitioner is designed for people that want to get an understanding of the application of the lean tools. This course is also designed to allow you to become a participating member in an improvement team…read more

Level 3 – Lean Expert is designed for anyone that wants to become a lean facilitator and work with improvement teams. It is also designed to allow you to be able to teach others about the implementation of lean principles…read more

You can subscribe on this page to gain access to our free training materials, which includes some awesome lean manufacturing videos. We have some great materials demonstrating lean manufacturing best practices, and lean manufacturing techniques.

Online Training System

Lean Manufacturing Training

Lean manufacturing training without leaving home!

With advancements in technology and the power of the internet, Lean Mfg. Online is able to deliver 100% of their lean manufacturing training courses using virtual online resources. All you need to start one of our lean training courses is a computer with an internet connection. Our online training services are available 24/7.

They are specifically designed to maximize the return on investment because they dramatically reduce the overall costs and eliminate the time constraints that many people experience when they participate in a training seminar, or attend a traditional college course. This gives our clients a huge advantage because they don’t have to leave the comfort of their own home, or workplace to participate in their lean manufacturing training course.

With limited places available, click here to start your online lean manufacturing training today!


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